Phytonovathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment for Ultimate Thickening, Densifying Scalp & Hair Treatment for Chronic Hair Loss


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Inspired by the patented and award-winning formula, PHYTOLOGIST, PHYTO created the most expert solution for hair thinning.

Enhanced with its innovative Celery Seed Extract, PHYTONOVATHRIX creates an optimal environment to boost healthy hair growth and promote hair’s beauty and density. The new non-oily formula stimulates the scalp to promote thicker hair. It is the ideal natural solution to act on all types of hair thinning. Designed for men and women experiencing temporary to severe hair loss due to stress, fatigue, illness, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, or genetics.
  • Stimulates healthy hair growth.
  • Promotes resistance of hair fiber.
  • Secures the anchoring of the hair to the hair bulb.
  • Slows down hair thinning.
  • Hair regains vigor and strength.

Hair thinning was slowed down 84%*

Hair is reinforced at each stage of its development. Healthy growth is stimulated, while hair thinning is inhibited. The bulb is fortified, allowing a healthy environment for future stronger and more beautiful hair.

How to Apply:

After washing hair with PHYTONOVATHRIX Shampoo, apply the serum to the scalp section by section, then massage your scalp delicately. DO NOT RINSE. Style as usual. Should be used 3x per week for 3 months.

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