Jowae Body Nourishment Set With Camellia Oil

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Soothing Nourishing Balm 200ml

Nourishes, replenishes lipids, repairs, soothes discomfort and feelings of tightness related to dryness. Restores balance, comfort, softness and suppleness to the skin.

Nourishing Dry Oil 100ml

99% of ingredients of natural origin

Nourishes and comforts. Skin is softer, more supple and more beautiful.

Hand & Nails Nourishing Cream 50ml

96% of natural origin ingredients

Thanks to the combination of protective antioxidant Lumiphenols with camellia oil, the body’s skin remains nourished, balanced, supple and well moisturized. Partnered with shea butter, coconut oil improves the nourishing effect even more, whereas urea highly increases the moisture rate. So long to dryness and chapped skin, hello comfort!

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