Lierac Premium Voluptuous Set with Serum Booster, Supreme Mask, Silky Cream and Eye Cream

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Lierac Premium is capable of correcting every aging sign – deep wrinkles, loss of density, lack of firmness, dark spots, dilated pores and irregular texture. Although they are all very different, every single one of these derives from the fact that with age the skin regeneration rate slows down. The FOXO protein is known for being at the control center of the cellular renewal and as it decreases its activity, the aging signs start to appear and are more and more visible each day.

Inspired by regenerative medicine, Lierac has created a new anti-aging complex that mimics the action of the FOXO protein – a combination of the FX hexapeptide, a terpenoid and extracts from three rare black flowers (orchid, Black Baccara rose and poppy) – which ensures a unique tissue regenerating action. Combined with pure hyaluronic acid, these ingredients offer a unique solution for all aging signs.

This set contains

1 PREMIUM The Serum Booster
1 PREMIUM The Supreme Mask
1 PREMIUM The Voluptuous cream
1 PREMIUM Eye cream

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