Reconstructive Hair Mask pH 2.6 (50ml)
Reconstructive Hair Mask pH 2.6 (50ml)
Reconstructive Hair Mask pH 2.6 (50ml)


Repairing - Regenerating - Anti-age - Film-generating - Protective - Adds body


Rich compress with a soft, full-bodied texture which intensely conditions the hair fibre, covering it with a protective film and sealing over scales to make the hair shinier, more compact and easy to comb. Contains Beta-carotene, which aids the cosmetic reconstruction treatment and protects the hair against damage caused by physiological processes (drying and ageing), chemical agents and environmental factors. Revitalizes and deep hydrates thanks to its intense treatment action. Enriched with Amino Concentrée complex, for a long-lasting Reconstruction effect.


Reconstruction treatment.


Restorative mask for reconstruction of the hair fibre.


Brittle, damaged, fatigued, dull, impoverished medium to thick hair.


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