Phyto RE30 Anti-White Hair Treatment Set (4 Bottle)


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Phyto invents Phyto RE30, the first anti-grey hair treatment* without pigment dye. Phyto RE30 is able to revive the natural pigment to the hair at the root while protecting it from future depigmentation. The results are clinically proven: grey hair grows back repigmented. Its structure is strengthened. The hair maintains its beauty and youth for longer. Counting your new grey hairs becomes a thing of the past. You will now proudly admire your new pigmented hair.
Benefits & Results :

Phyto RE30 texture perfectly adapts to men and women alike. As does the light and invigorating unisex fragrance, with its citrus accords that give way to a greener carnation and apple aroma. Silicone-free, light and non-oily, Finally, its formula contains no fewer than 98% of natural ingredients.

It acts on the roots, in two stages:


Consisting of four specific amino acids, it has the particularity of being a biomimetic of alpha-MSH, a hormone playing a key role in pigmentation. This activates melanin synthesis (by stimulating the expression of enzymes essential to its production - tyrosinase, TRP1, TRP2) and its transfer to the hair shaft. This biomimicry allows the RE30 peptide to boost the natural pigmentation process.


As well as making new pigments, RE 30 peptide also fights their depigmentation by protecting them from hydrogen peroxide. It boosts antioxidant catalaseand reduces the production of hydrogen peroxide by 30%.

*Tests conducted on Peptide RE30 – Clinical survey on 32 volunteers for 12 weeks – daily application – % of satisfaction 
How to Apply:
Use daily. Easy to use, the dispenser spray bottle is used to directly apply the right quantity of product on the hair: 8-10 pushes for each use. Massage scalp after application for enhanced penetration. Use it like a day cream: every day, applied in the morning or evening on dry or wet hair. Do not rinse.

In order to see results the cure should be prolonged for 3 months. Results may appear since the 2nd month of usage.

Can be used in combination with any other Phyto treatment

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