Phyto Phytodetox Clarifying Detox Shampoo(125ml)

PHYTOSKU: PH10044A31224

Size: 125ml
Sale price$27.90


Styling products, smoke, pollution, hard water deposits... Nothing escapes this shampoo’s cleansing action. Antioxidant St. John's Wort and witch hazel extracts, purifying and soothing antioxidant Sage and Chamomile extracts as well as Burdock extraction carefully eliminate all residue that dulls the hair without drying out the fiber. Enveloped in a deliciously fresh and natural Eucalyptus scent, the hair feels incredibly soft, light and supple. Free from pollution, the hair remains clean longer.
  • Eliminates residual pollutants that leave hair looking dull
  • Hair is fresh, shiny, light and stays clean for a long time
  • Powerful yet gentle cleansing action

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