Phytolaque Botanical Hair Finishing Spray 100ml with Medium Hold
Phytolaque Botanical Hair Finishing Spray 100ml with Medium Hold
Phytolaque Botanical Hair Finishing Spray 100ml with Medium Hold


Botanical hairspray with laquer gum for weightless, long lasting medium hold.

PHYTOLAQUE provides weightless, long lasting hold for demanding hairstyles and maintains the balance of the hair fiber. Leaving no residue, this hair spray can be easily removed simply with a brush, and its small handy size enables to carry it in a bag, and take it everywhere tp use it any time of the day. Propellant free. Your hair is protected, impeccably styled.

  • Leaves no residue and is easy to brush out
  • Can be used at any time of the day
  • Small size: take it anywhere
  • Environmentally friendly spray

How to Apply:

Spray from a distance of 6 to 8 inches away from the hair.


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SPECIALLY DESIGNED to hold hair styles

ABOUT Phytolaque Botanical Hair Finishing Spray with medium Hold

Phytolaque All Hair Types Medium-Strong Hold Spray is a hair spray that provides medium to strong hold and a natural finish. Suitable for all hair types, this styling spray grants a long-lasting hold all the while caring for your hair.

Featuring natural ingredients and botanicals extracts, the product strengthens the hair all the while working to keep your hairstyle in place. Shellac, a natural resin, is of great assistance on that job by providing your hair with weightless hold. Equally important, hibiscus extract delivers a soft shine to the hair. Each spray delivers a lightweight product that improves the appearance and holds your hairstyle. Apply it to care for your hair and hold your hairstyle at the same time!


Silk Amino Acids

Penetrating into the hair bulb, it moisturizes and nourishes each strand of hair from the roots up. It also forms a protective shield around the scalp thus rejuvenating damaged locks and keeping them shiny. It makes hair strong enough to retain the moisture it needs to remain lustrous and soft. 

 Hibiscus Flower Extract

With its highly organic acid content, its extract neutralizes the alkalinity of color treatments and gently smoothens the scales of the fiber to make hair shine. Its high mucilage content also gives its hydrating and emollient properties.


A natural resin that fixes the hair without weighing it down, even in wet weather, bringing in an incomparable shine.

Beetroot Alcohol

Provides all essential minerals and vitamins for healthy hair by strengthening the follicles

Acacia Honey

Fortifies and protects hair while providing maximum hold, even in the most humid weather.