Phyto Phytonovathrix Global Hair Loss Treatment Set

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Now PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories have gone even further in fighting hair loss and
identified a 16th new target in their quest to slow down hair loss and stimulate
hair growth. Introducing PHYTONOVATHRIX – the most expert treatment
from PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories, formulated with 99% natural, plant-based
Clinically proven results: + 5,400 hair*, visibly slows down hair loss, stimulates
growth, leaves hair looking more beautiful, stronger, thicker and more resilient.
For a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Consist of :
Phytonovathrix Shampoo 200ml X2
Phytonovathrix Treatment 12*3.5ml X2

Direction for use :
After washing hair with PHYTONOVATHRIX Shampoo, apply the whole vial to the scalp, section by section, then massage the base of the skull, delicately working upwards.
DO NOT RINSE. Style the hair.
3 times a week.
Recommended use is 3 months.

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