Phytophanere Fortifying Vitality Treatment Shampoo for All Hair Types

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Size: 250ml
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The Fortifying Vitality Shampoo has been formulated with an ultra-mild cleansing base to gently cleanse hair and scalp on a daily basis. To inject beautiful vitality into hair, the dietary supplement’s star ingredients - zinc and vitamins B5 and B6 - have been teamed with energizing Ginkgo and nutrient rich Rice bran extracts along with a Cinchona extraction, known for its stimulating properties.

Formulated with a very soft washing base for washing hair daily. Ideal complement to PHYTOPHANERE capsules , this shampoo brings vitality and tone to the hair. Washed gently, the hair regains suppleness and lightness. Vitamin B5 and B6 and zinc have been associated with rice bran extracts and cinchona extract known for its stimulating properties.

How to Apply:

Apply to wet scalp. Gently massage. Leave to act for 2 minutes then rinse.

Concentrated formula: a small quantity is enough!

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