Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair
Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair
Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair
Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair
Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair
Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program for Fine and Flat Hair


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Step 1: Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo 

With its beautiful translucent red color, this slightly textured liquid shampoo gently cleanses the scalp while developing an airy, lightweight lather. Bamboo extract conveys its strength to the hair fiber, while the Yarrow and Tormentil extraction revives hair’s bounce. The shampoo provides a real feeling of lightness, fine, flat hair instantly increases in volume. The hair is transformed, recovering its body and suppleness.

Key Benefits:

- Gently cleanses your scalp
- Revives hair's bounce
- Leaves hair soft and full of bounce

Step 2: Phytovolume Volumizing Jelly Mask

This amber-toned translucent jelly is incredibly silky smooth and has been specially designed to deliver just the right amount of hair care without weighing down fine, flat hair. The Bamboo extract and Yarrow and tormentil extraction duo reinforces hair fiber elasticity. Easy to detangle and style, the hair recovers its structure with enhanced suppleness and bounce.

Key Benefits:

- Reinforces hair fiber elasticity
- Creates lightweight volume
- Hair is easy to detangle and style

Step 3: Phytovolume Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray

This lightweight spray launched in 1986 is a cult product ! It instantly boosts volume at the roots, while offering hair bounce and hold. Its secret? Nasturtium extract and Pea proteins. Heat-protecting, it also protects hair from the heat of the dryer. The hair boasts a lightweight feel and a supple, fluid movement. Roots are lifted with no stiffness. The spray’s volumizing effect is maximized when combined with the mechanical blow-drying action.

Key Benefits:

- Coats and strengthens hair at the roots
- Creates lightweight volume
- Hair regains energy and shine


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SPECIALLY DESIGNED to tone and energise flat hair

ABOUT Phytovolume Hair Volumizing Program

PHYTOVOLUME is the hair care program that delivers body and energy to fine, flat hair.

PHYTO drew inspiration from the plant kingdom, adding Bamboo extract and Pea proteins. In addition, our botany experts selected Yarrow and Tormentil

extraction with astringent and toning properties. PHYTOVOLUME sheaths the lengths and lifts the roots, without weighing hair down. With each care, tone, volume and suppleness are gently restored to the hair. This range is designed to be used as a three-step routine: (1) Volumizing Shampoo; (2) Volumizing Jelly Mask; and (3) Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray.


Bamboo Extract

Reinforce and restructures the cortex and brings suppleness to the hair fiber.

Tormentil Extract

Toning and astringent properties. Brings weightless body and bounce to the hair.

Pea Protein

A superfood rich in amino acids, hydrates the hair fiber from within. It provides key support for fine, flat hair and coats the hair until the next shampoo.

 Yarrow Extract

Has natural astringent properties that help to tighten the pores on the scalp helping to slow or ultimately prevent hair loss. Repeated use of yarrow in your hair care routine will also help to add volume and protect the hair against damage and split ends.

 Nasturtium Extract

Toning action on the scalp. It helps lift the roots.

 Grapes Extract

Heat-protecting botanical active ingredient. It protects hair from heat-induced oxidative stress.

HOW TO Apply


Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo 

On wet hair, apply a small amount and gently massage into a lather. Rinse. Apply twice to boost the efficacy of the active ingredients.

Phytovolume Jelly Mask

After shampoo apply from the mid-lengths

 to the ends of the hair. Leave on for 

2 to 3 minutes. Detangle and rinse. 

Phytovolume Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray

Spray onto towel-dried roots and mid-lengths, 

then evenly distribute by combing through hair. 

Work product into hair with fingertips 

to lift roots and pre-dry hair. Style hair 

with a blow-dryer and round brush.