Maskne Be Gone

Long hours of mask-wearing have given rise to the age of mask acne (maskne). Our masks can unfortunately trap dirt, oil, dust and bacteria and therefore clog pores. Sometimes just regular washing isnt enough. It is time for some deep cleaning and protective products to up your skin's defences. These are the current must-haves on our shelves. 

Based on the deep-cleansing resurfacing aesthetic technique, these formulas target shiny skin, dilated pores, spots and residual marks.


Mineral-rich kaolin clay to deeply cleanse.


This best-selling oil is full of essential fatty acids to boost elasticity and hydration and diminish acne scars. Did you know that the Trilogy Rosehip Oil is certified organic and has one of the highest amounts of essential fatty acids (87%!)? We love using it but you can mix it with foundation or as a remedy for your split ends!


Suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, the Jowae Purifying Mask contains mint, mandarin orange and jasmine that provide an aromotherapy experience during your me time. For the first time, a mask formulated with clay reveals an extra-light, mousse texture that transforms into a purifying paste beneath the fingertips.


How do you deal with your maskne? Get rid of maskne when you try any of these hardworking products.