The Powder Shampoo was born out of a Mother's love for her future grandchildren, and the planet they call home.
Founder Lynn Tan, learned that plastic plague is one of the causes for greenhouse gas emissions to double by 2050. It means that future generations will not have a beautiful earth to call home.
Equipped with over 20 years of experience in the hair care industry, she decided to dedicate her life to creating a better, smarter, and a more sustainable haircare brand.
And thus, The Powder Shampoo was born.


"The Powder Shampoo consist of a dedicated team from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China. Each one of us come with over a decade of relevant experience in Hair Care production, operations and sales. We have consulted, diagnosed and helped thousands of customers with their scalp and hair conditions to achieve healthy scalp and beautiful hair. That is our philosophy and our passion"