How do you prevent dandruff from coming back? In previous articles, we have discussed the root cause, types and solutions for getting rid of dandruff. Now, we explore the many ways to permanently stop occurrence. 

  1. DIET SHIFT: Some food have shown to be beneficial, such as those that contain Vitamin B, and micro-nutrients like zinc for example. By eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and shifting from lean meat from red, the microbial ecosystem of the scalp maybe controlled. 
  2. SUPPLEMENTS: If you do not have the luxury of controlling your dietary intake, you may choose to take supplements to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs. With 2 capsules of Phytophanere Dietary Supplement, you will be able to have all the vitamin Bs you need for a healthy scalp.
  3. EXERCISE: Improve your Blood Circulation by having an active lifestyle or you can use Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment which is anti-bacterial and removes dandruff while boosting blood circulation.


Ultimately, it is very important to eliminate and control dandruff fast because

(1) Dandruff is bacteria

(2) Dandruff sufferers shed 2x more hair than those who have no dandruff, causing premature hair loss.Dandruff may interfere with the normal hair shedding cycle. It also makes sense that constantly scratching your scalp could disrupt your already fragile hair and lead to hair loss. If you’re already dealing with some hair loss, it’s especially important to effectively manage your dandruff to prevent further hair issues.


There is one other condition that links very closely to dandruff sufferers, and that is sensitive scalp. Sensitive scalp and dandruff conditions come hand in hand and surprisingly occur in around 40 to 60% of individuals. 


What is Sensitive Scalp? 

Sensitive scalp includes burning, tingling, tightness, pain, itching and redness of the scalp. At times, even pimples. Some of us are born with this skin condition while others trigger sensitive scalp due to other reasons.

This symptom may be caused by an imbalanced diet or by using the wrong shampoo - harsh cleansers or surfactants in many shampoos can wash away the scalp’s acid mantle.

Likewise, exposure to certain climatic conditions (sun, cold, heat, wind), pollution or stress can cause you to experience sensitivity in the scalp area.When your skin’s natural protective barrier is disrupted by one or more of these factors, micro inflammations of the scalp can also become a leading cause of increased sensitivity. They occur when the skin cells in your scalp become inflamed, making it more sensitive. 

Some other causes for sensitive scalp are:

  • Physical stress (coloring your hair roots frequently or bleaching) or emotional stress

  • Hormonal changes – e.g. pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle

  • Food allergies or sensitivities

Similar to dandruff, you cannot cure sensitive scalp but you can treat it when it comes so that it will not lead to bigger problems like dandruff and hair loss.

We have a solution for those with sensitive scalp - Phytoapaisant Soothing treatment Shampoo! Curated with a blend of potent botanicals, this daily use shampoo contains anti-irritant purslane extract, combined with decocted linden and passionflower to moisturize and restore the scalp's barrier. It has a  hypoallergenic formula and relieves irritation and itchiness, soothes and restores scalp comfort. It also restores the scalp's protective barrier function.

Use this shampoo daily if you have sensitive scalp, or you can choose to alternate Phytoapaisant Soothing Shampoo with any other PHYTO shampoos you are currently using.