In the previous article, we found out the causes of greying hair and what we can do to prevent or delay it. In this article, we find out what are the other hair problems we face as we age!

 Thinning Hair & Loss of Volume

Hair follicles can also create thinning hair, which can make a person appear as though he or she is going bald. We produce about 100 strands of hair a day; however, if the hair is more fragile and breaking at a faster rate than it grows, thinning can occur.

Dry & Brittle Hair

Aging hair can become drier, due to shrinking oil glands that keep natural oil from reaching the hair as it should. When hair is too dry, it lacks the elasticity to withstand handling from combs, hair bands and clips. Chemicals and hot tools can also cause breakage. 

Dull & Courser Hair

Lack of shine, which can be caused by environmental factors such as smoking, hormonal imbalances, a buildup of product, pollution, or overexposure to the sun can all lead to hair dullness. You may also notice products that once restored hair to health are now ineffective. This can happen because the cuticle layer of hair thins as we age, giving it less ability to lock in moisture. Additionally, people tend to color-treat hair more often as they get older, which can also contribute to a drier, wirier texture. Due to this, your hair color fades faster.

It becomes this Vicious Cycle. 

As our hair ages, it turns white. It becomes thinner and we will color our hair to hide the white and feel thicker. With every permanent hair color we do, the more hydrogen peroxide we have. In turn, our hair turns white faster and becomes more dry and brittle. It is truly a vicious cycle that never ends.

Do not fret. Phyto has the perfect solution to resolve aging scalp and hair!

Phytodensia Anti-Aging range with the Plumping Shampoo, Plumping Hair Mask and Plumping Serum. Uses a mix of Vernonia flower, Acacia flower and Grapes to invigorate the scalp and give body, volume and softness to the hair. With this range, your new hair growth will be thicker and fuller.

For those of you who have decided that enough is enough and you are going to embrace your roots, you must know that aging white hair does not become silvery white, rather it turns yellowish or a dirty grey. Therefore, we need help to make it silvery white and shiny and soft.

If you look at the color chart, you will see that purple is the direct opposite of yellow. In order to neutralise the yellow pigments in our hair, we need to use a purple shampoo like Phytoargent Whitening Shampoo. By using a purple or blue shampoo, you can counteract the yellowing of the hair. And your hair becomes silvery white. You can use the shampoo twice a week to keep the yellow tones away.

In conclusion, aging is part and parcel of life. However, how we look and feel as we age is entirely up to us. We have Phyto RE30 Anti-Grey Hair Treatment which can delay and reverse white hair, Phytodensia Anti-Aging Range for fuller softer hair and Phytoargent whitening shampoo for us who wants silver white hair!