Lierac Mesolift Serum for Anti - Stress and Fatigue 2amp x 15ml

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Size: 2AMP X 15ML
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Fight against cutaneous burn-out linked to stress, fatigue or seasonal changes.

Inspired by the aesthetic technique of facial mesotherapy , MESOLIFT C15 concentrate is a daily supplement recommended as a cure in times of stress, fatigue or seasonal changes , perfectly suited to fight skin burn-out.

For who ? Women and men, of all ages, in times of severe fatigue. For all those whose good looks have faded and who show pulled features, a paler, duller skin with loss of tone and plumpness.

An optimal dosage of 15% pure extemporaneous vitamin C is responsible for neutralizing toxins and free radicals that dull the complexion, while stimulating the synthesis of collagen to improve skin tone. A complex of trace elements stimulates the cell renewal of the skin, while amino acids and hyaluronic acid restore its hydration and its supple and plump appearance.

LIERAC Laboratories have developed an extemporaneous formula, which is activated on the first use. This formulation technique keeps all the freshness and effectiveness of a high concentration of pure vitamin C until its release in the mixture enriched with amino acids, trace elements and hyaluronic acid.

The promise of revitalized, luminous, radiant skin that appears energized!

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