Phytokeratine Thermal Protect Spray 30ML
Phytokeratine Thermal Protect Spray 30ML
Phytokeratine Thermal Protect Spray 30ML


Treat as you heat. This all-in-one styling spray detangles, repairs, and silkens hair all while guarding against damage from the heat tools we love to hate. The effect is cumulative, hair just keeps getting better.

A thermal-protecting and heat-activated repairing spray to transform and restore the beauty of over-styled and damaged hair. The formula features botanical keratin and yun zhi extract which leaves hair incredibly soft to the touch, renewed and healthy.

Key Benefits:

- Transform and restore over-styled and damaged hair
- Strong heat protection
- Elevate shine and prevent breakage

How to Apply:

- Spray to clean and towel-dried hair, to lengths and ends. Comb and style as usual.
- In case of hair straightening, dry hair well before.
- Can also be used on dry hair to make hair styling easier.


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SPECIALLY DESIGNED to repair and protect hair

ABOUT Phytokeratine Thermal Protect Spray

Designed specifically to treat dry, damaged and weakened hair, this Phytokeratine Thermal Protectant Spray from Phyto protects the hair from heat styling to ensure your locks are left silky soft and super shiny.

Boasting an innovative formula, this protective spray contains Kerato-Filler which repairs the internal structure of damaged hair, whilst Hyaluronic acid works to retain moisture and keep your hair hydrated and Yun Zhi extract offers strong heat protection and repairing benefits. 


Botanical Keratine

An original complex, made of Quinoa, Lupin, and Pea plant proteins, with moisturizing, softening, emollient, antioxidant, and hair repairing properties. It has an amino acid profile similar to the physiological keratin in the hair to efficiently reproduce its properties.

Rice Ceramides

Seals the hair scales together, repairs microlesions and deeply fills in gaps in the hair fiber

Yun Zhi Extract

Gives the hair exceptional levels of thermal protection inside and out, ensuring that your locks are repaired and strengthened

Hyaluronic Acid

Penetrates the hair, and more particularly the cuticle, restoring hydration and suppleness to the hair.